The Brand Race

A full creatively cultured and chaotically structured digital marketing agency. We focus on driving traffic and growing businesses on digital platforms.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Google Ads & Strategy\ Consumers need to be able to find your brand in the Digital world. But, how do you make your brand stand out amongst your competitors? The answer lies in a strong digital marketing strategy and implementation.

Social Media Strategy\ Get involved in the chaotic use of social media platforms, the new word of mouth. You could say that maintaining a good brand image can be chaotic and involves constant upkeep.

Website Development\ We develop & design websites that are beautifully structured and responsive to any platform and designed to meet your objectives. Start ranking high on Google with a quality website optimised for search engines.

Brand Building & Design\ Let the chaotic bring out the visually creative from a structured brand visual messaging. Logo design, brand design, corporate branding and graphic design for all platforms. Success lies in the quality and distinction of your brand’s visual messaging.

Digital Marketing Strategy\ Gain competitor the edge and lead by reaching your markets effectively, through a structured strategy that is built on understanding your business strategy and insights.

Research & Development\ Bring it all in and understand how your competitors stack up to you in the race. With the use of the latest trends, we’ll use our research tools to bring you more insights and structure.