The Fluent Inc.

The Fluent Inc. delivers bespoke web development solutions and expertly crafted digital marketing campaigns across many platforms.

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The Fluent Inc. has delivered many successful marketing campaigns, helping grow businesses to heights never imagined. Aside from running marketing campaigns, we've helped our clients simplify their processes through automation and integration. We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships with our clients that rely on our expertise to ensure their businesses run smoothly.

Screenshot of website homepage with image background of woman on phone and CTA on the left in white font. Logo and navigation bar at the top. Navy and white color scheme. | Web development with custom goal tracking and attribution, digital advertising campaigns, social media management, and email solutions.

Website screenshot featuring background photo of scuba diver underwater. CTA in large white text overlays and to the right. Navigation bar and logo at top. Grey, red, black, and white color scheme. | eCommerce solution, class management, newsletter integrations, custom eCommerce and newsletter email templates, and digital advertising.

Website screenshot with image background of black and white photo of puppy. Bold, white text overlays as CTA. Logo in top left corner along with navigation bar. Color scheme is yellow, black, white, and grey. | Branding design, web development, and digital advertising.