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Boutique content creation and strategy service specialising in helping businesses stand out, build a brand, and market themselves organically.

New Zealand

Hi, I'm Emma, the lead creative at The Urban Wild. If you're a small to medium-sized businesses, I can help you stand out, build a brand, and market yourself organically. The work I do ranges from concept development to production, to project implementation.

I'm also a professional commercial photographer by trade and advertising copy-writer.

That means I engage with you in relevant areas of your business, depending on what you need and specialise in showing small businesses how to combine ace imagery, honest copy, and how to add in the values that humanise a brand, in a new decade of digital.

It's a boutique content creation and strategy experience so that you feel as though I'm an extension of your team. We work to create captivating, genuine content while avoiding the high price tags that come with conventional advertising agencies. And without sounding unnatural or overly sales-y. With people and collaboration at the heart of what I do, we'll transform your brand story.


SET UP || Set up your MailChimp account, templates and automations for you to easily manage. I'm also a Shopify and Squarespace Partner.

DATABASE MANAGEMENT || Tidy up and segmentation of your lists to a customised newsletter and automation strategy.

CAMPAIGNS || I help develop a campaign timeline and actionable plans that can either be a stand-alone project or part of a bigger picture.

PRODUCTION|| I'm a specialist in developing concepts and telling brand stories with colour centric photography and straightforward, conversational copy packed with personality. Planning out the customer journey while being hands-on, to implementation of the work for you.

CONTENT CREATION || Content creation humanised to connect with your audience and help you choose the right images, or create an image bank of content to repurpose across online media. I also help you rewrite your copy to introduce more punch and personality, with a holistic approach to effective communication. That means using imagery, colour and bringing back the values that humanise our brand, in a new decade of digital.

STRATEGY || I collaborate with you and other creatives where needed, to give you a more in-depth approach than generic, traditional how-to and best practice guides can provide you. Because I believe the essence of content creation for marketing and sales begins with conversations. No matter what industry you're in. It's more than throwing a few pictures online, chucking on some hashtags + hoping for the best. It's more than spending our days looking at analytics and insights to then just talk aimlessly about yourself. You could have the best copy. You could have the most intriguing story. You could have a solution to every problem ever known. BUT if you can't get it in front of the right people or stop them scrolling by, none of that even matters. First impressions count, you see. People are visual. 90% of the info sent to our brain is visual. 62-90% of our reactions are colour based. I take that knowledge and work to combine a holistic, humanised and natural approach to effective communication. We use imagery, colour and bring back the values that humanise our brand, in a new decade of digital. I also offer Creative Direction bringing in other creatives as we need to create cost-effective bespoke content.

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Emma Baker - The Urban Wild