Web Expert

I'm a MailChimp Expert with more than 12 years experience designing and coding Email templates, as well as, setting up campaigns and automation


Hello, I'm Brad!

I've established myself as the expert for dozens of clients seeking MailChimp services, so take advantage of my vast knowledge and experience.

The services I provide include: • Designing Email template layouts • Coding custom HTML templates • Setting up Drag & Drop templates • Creating Email campaigns • Setting up automation and auto-responders • Mailing List Management • RSS Email Templates and custom RSS Feeds • Graphic Design and photo editing • Copywriting and proofreading

Plus I have an understanding of Internet marketing principals which I can incorporate into the template's I create to enhance their effectiveness.

I eliminate the stress and hassle from your projects because I take a relatable yet professional approach. I'm extremely trustworthy and would go that extra mile to ensure your satisfaction!

I developed my skills through 18+ years experience spending THOUSANDS of hours working on websites, graphics, and HTML Email templates.

I'm a native English speaker, so my communication is strong, fluent and reliable.

Time-zone is not an issue as I've successfully completed projects for employers all around the world - my international time management skills are brilliant! I take care of everything so you can sit back and tell me when you're happy with the project!

Don't hesitate to contact me RIGHT NOW or review my portfolio!

Three identical HTML Templates laid out for real estate company. Includes logo, portrait of real estate agent with descriptive text and photos.

Adam Moore Real Estate - HTML MailChimp Template

Three identical HTML Templates laid out for stadium. Includes logo, image header of stadium at sunset, CTAs, text and a grid layout of photos at the bottom.

WACA Events - HTML MailChimp Template

Three identical HTML layouts featuring image headers, logo, navigation bars, images and accompanying descriptive text. Color scheme is various shades of green, white and grey.

InfoLettre - HTML MailChimp Template

Three identical HTML layouts featuring graphic design, images, CTAs, logo and descriptive accompanying text. Color scheme is light blue, orange and white with black text.

Rent N Connect - HTML MailChimp Template

Three identical HTML layouts split into 3 parts horizontally. Each part has a different background color. From top down: Navy, White then light blue. Each section has text in various font sizes and colors with a hyperlink button and CTAs. Logo at the top.

Telstra Neto - HTML MailChimp Template

“AMAZING! Love your work, thank you for knowing exactly what we want. You are part of our team and proud to say we won the local business awards for Diamond Kidz. Thank you for your help behind the scenes.”
“Brad programmed a custom RSS Newsletter template and worked tirelessly on satisfying my high expectations, and specific ideas. The outcome was more than I could have hoped for and the new look is professional, RSS automated and very easy for me to use.”
“Brad has designed two fantastic MailChimp templates for us. He has taken into account our existing online look and created well styled and very usable templates. He understands that not everyone is technically inclined and has provided great advice.”