About Company Whitelisting

Private email domains tend to have more aggressive firewalls and spam filters than Gmail or other free webmail providers. Sometimes, these network firewalls and filters can block your campaigns.

If subscribers from a certain company or private email domain have trouble receiving your Mailchimp campaigns, ask them to whitelist Mailchimp as a possible solution.

In this article, you'll learn about whitelisting.

When to Whitelist

Before you ask subscribers to whitelist Mailchimp, review these questions to see if private domain settings might be responsible for delivery issues.

  • Do all people with addresses at a certain private email domain, like @hathaway.edu or @radicalgadget.com, have trouble receiving campaigns or messages from your Mailchimp account?
  • Did affected subscribers check their spam or junk folders and still not see your campaign or message?
  • Have affected subscribers at the domain allowed enough time for campaigns or messages to arrive?

If you answered yes to all three questions, whitelisting might help deliverability at the affected domain.

How to Whitelist

To improve delivery with whitelisting, an IT professional at the affected domain will need to change the configuration of the receiving email server to accept mail from Mailchimp's delivery IP addresses.

Here's how you can start the process.

  1. Contact an affected subscriber to explain that a network firewall or spam filter at their domain could be blocking Mailchimp campaigns.
  2. Ask the subscriber to copy this link and forward it to their IT department.
  3. The IT professional should then follow the instructions on the Mailchimp IP site to calculate the complete range of our IP addresses. After they have the full IP list, they'll need to whitelist all Mailchimp IP addresses on their domain.


  • Delivery IP addresses sometimes change. When we update the IPs or servers, we'll publish updates on our IP Address page.
  • Whitelisting by IP is not always recommended because Mailchimp's shared IPs may change without notice, and the recipient would be whitelisting all of our messages. If whitelisting by IP is the only option, the recipient domain will want to check for the most up-to-date IP information.

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