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Accumulus Subscription / Recurring Billing

Automate and manage the complexities of a subscription-based business. PCI compliant. All the bells and whistles!

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Our customers use Mailchimp to deploy reports and other digital content to their clients. We automate the rest of the business and help to collect revenue.

  • Automate signups seamlessly on your website
  • Select the client information your wish to capture and store while remaining PCI compliant
  • Offer trial periods, tiered pricing, metered usage, multiple subscription packages and bundling
  • Grandfather old subscription plans
  • Associate marketing campaigns with pricing incentives - then track their performance
  • Automate the provisioning of services and distribution of content
  • Collect revenue
  • Calculate and collect sales tax as needed
  • Automate dunning rules for expiring credit cards or unsuccessful charges
  • Generate reports to understand how your business is performing
  • Track reseller and sales staff performance
  • Track marketing
  • Lightweight client portal for self-directed account management
  • Heavyweight customer service portal for your team to serve clients

Subscription-based businesses of any significant size need a solution such as Accumulus.

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