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Seamless one click integration to synchronize your contact list between Ari and Mailchimp. Level up your email marketing, get more sales and happy customers.

English, Hindi, Arabic

Spend less time managing your marketing and always keep in touch with your customers. Use Ari POS to run your retail business and easily capture customer information every time you make a sale. Configure your Mailchimp account in Ari and then map your Mailchimp list fields with Ari fields and automatically sync customers, suppliers and contacts from Ari to Mailchimp. Instantly connect and level up your email marketing and get more sales, social media shares and happy customers. Keep your customers informed by communicating special offers and promotions, drive repeat business, encourage customer feedback and reward loyal customers. Gain valuable insight about the success of your marketing campaigns and make informed business decisions.



Mailchimp Connect

Mailchimp List Mapping

Mailchimp Field Mapping