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Beacon CRM

Connect Mailchimp with Beacon, the modern CRM for charities.

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Beacon is the modern CRM for nonprofits. With Beacon you can bring all of your contacts into one place, with all of your data stored securely in the cloud.

With the Beacon app for Mailchimp, you can use two products with the feel of one. Manage fundraising, events, and memberships within Beacon, and connect directly with Mailchimp to manage and send your marketing campaigns.

Sync your subscribers

New Mailchimp subscribers flow automatically into Beacon, so there’s no need for manual data entry or CSV imports. Unsubscribes are automatically synced, so you easily keep track of opt-in statuses.

Segment your audiences with CRM data

With the Mailchimp app, you can email people in your CRM directly via a Mailchimp campaign. Use Beacon’s filtering to segment your contacts however you like (for example "people who ran in the marathon") and export them to a Mailchimp audience, optionally with a tag, in 2 clicks.

Get the full picture in your CRM

When you send a campaign via Mailchimp, the campaign is automatically logged to every recipient’s record in your CRM, enabling you to get a full picture of the communications each person has received across different channels.

Automate your supporter journey

With Beacon’s forms, you can take donations and memberships via your website. All form data and payment information flows automatically into your CRM.

With Beacon’s workflows, contacts can be automatically subscribed to an audience in your Mailchimp account, allowing you to trigger an automated email drip campaign through Mailchimp to optimise their supporter journey.

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