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Bloom Intelligence

Build your customer database 7-15 times faster using the Bloom Intelligence guest WiFi Marketing and Customer Intelligence platform.

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Bloom Intelligence

Bloom Intelligence is the best-in-class WiFi marketing & customer intelligence platform. It allows brick-and-mortar locations to begin collecting anonymous customer data such as dwell times, frequency, first time visitors, and much more as soon as a guest walks in the door, whether they connect to the WiFi or not. Once a customer logs into your guest WiFi landing page, which is like a dynamic website that your customers have to opt into (you can configure your landing page to make registration optional), we either capture your customer’s entire digital profile all at once or over time using multiple methods. These cleaned customer profiles include names, verified email addresses, phone numbers, ages, birthdays, and postal codes. Bloom then associates your customer profiles to their physical devices so that you understand the behavior of your customers at your locations.

Our proprietary algorithm sets incorporate machine learning, predictive analytics, attribution models and artificial intelligence to deliver deep customer insights while building detailed customer profiles. The Bloom Intelligence customer intelligence engine builds our customers’ databases into the hundreds of thousands to millions of customer profiles quickly and automatically. Our enterprise solutions allow our customers to use their guest data when and where their organization needs to drive deeper value and understanding. Customers utilize our enterprise integrations to add our intelligence into their ecosystem to trigger specific workflows.

Our customers can leverage customer intelligence and analytics to personalize their guests' experience, reduce churn, and increase frequency, spend, and guest satisfaction. Overall Benefits • Detect guests and receive location analytics and key performance indicators in your dashboard even if your customers never log in to your guest WiFi.

  • Collect rich customer profiles that include e-mail addresses, names, genders, birthdays, zip codes, phone numbers, and other information from guests who connect with your system.
  • Automatically sync collected consumer profiles with your Mailchimp account.
  • Send automated marketing messages, offers, or surveys using a suite of sophisticated triggers based upon your customers’ behavior.
  • Passively measure your customer churn rate and automatically engage customers who have stopped returning to your stores to bring them back into your locations.

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