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Automate quick responses to inbound leads and use call data to optimize segments and triggers in Mailchimp.

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Imagine a world where you hang up the phone with a qualified lead, and the next time they check their inbox, there is a promo code email waiting to bring them over the finish line. Good news, you no longer have to dream of that world!

Connect your CallRail phone calls and Mailchimp emails to create a seamless, full-funnel, multi-channel customer experience. Use any customer touchpoint in CallRail, whether it's a phone call, text messages, or online form submissions, to take action swiftly by setting up automated segments and triggers through Customer Journey workflows in Mailchimp.

Make the most of your rich CallRail data by:

Following up lightning-fast: Connect calls, form fills, and texts to email workflows to automatically send follow-up emails to leads after they submit a form or send feedback surveys after a phone call. Simplifying contact management: Automatically add form fills that opt-in to email to lists/audiences in Mailchimp.

Optimizing segmentation: Create workflows in Mailchimp based on call sentiment, lead quality, and other call details in CallRail so you can send the right message at the right time.

How it Works:

Step 1 - Connect your Mailchimp account Go to CallRail and authorize the Mailchimp integration and select which audiences and events you want to send to Mailchimp (calls, forms, and/or texts)

Step 2 - Design your automated Customer Journeys In Mailchimp's Customer Journeys, choose API & Integrations and then Event API, then begin setting up the CallRail events you selected to send.

Step 3 - Fire up your automated workflow and get ready to skyrocket conversions

CallRail will begin sending the contact's info including email addresses and tags on the account, and porting them into your audience lists, where you can start segmenting and triggering based on their known behaviors. Please note: if the lead doesn't have an email address in CallRail, we won't be able to send the contact and event data to Mailchimp (this often limits the integration to Form Tracking customers only).


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