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Carro: Influencer & Brand Partnerships

Build partnerships with influencers, press/media, and other brands so you can sell more, together. Connect Mailchimp to find influencers who love your brand.

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Discover, Collaborate & Grow What is Carro? Carro is a sales channel that enables brands to sell more products and increase brand awareness through mutually beneficial partnerships. Discover influencers who already love your brand, or find related Shopify stores so that you can create collaborations that drive your growth.

With our influencer marketing tools, Carro reveals all of the influencers and press that are your brand’s customers, subscribers, and fans. From there, Carro makes it as easy as possible to work with influencers, communicate, and distribute products to them, so that you can pick the right influencers and create meaningful partnerships. How Influencer Partnerships Work Download Carro and connect your data sources. Carro scans for influencers. You’re notified as soon as influencers are found! Collaborate, send products, and see the posts your brand is tagged in! With Influencer Partnerships, you can find the influencers who are already interacting with your brand, invite them to collaborate, and ship the products they need to create content.

We've made everything streamlined and efficient so that you won't lose time maintaining spreadsheets or answering countless emails. Instead, influencers can easily create content that mentions your brand. We'll track that for you too! Go to the Mentions tab to see all the posts your brand is tagged in. How Brand Partnerships Work - Limited Release Download Carro and set up your profile. Browse the Brand Directory and find retail partners. Start your partnership with a proposal Sell products on other Shopify stores! Brand Partnerships is the easiest way to partner with top-selling Shopify stores to sell each other’s products. Be a retailer, supplier, or both. It’s the ultimate co-marketing and co-branding solution, with both brands getting the lifetime value of each customer whenever something sells through their partnership.

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Discover Instagram influencers Reveal all the influencers that love your brand, streamline influencer gifting, and track your brand’s mentions on social.

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Collaborate with Top Brands Sell your products on other Shopify stores and carry new related products from your brand partners. Increase AOV and acquire new customers!

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Grow Your Brand Through Partnerships Increase sales through shared customer journeys and mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers and other brands.