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CASH Music

The CASH Music platform is a set of open source digital tools designed to solve real problems for working musicians.

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CASH Music

Manage your mailing list, sell your music, organize your digital world. The CASH Music platform is free to use, now and forever.

By connecting your Mailchimp account directly to the CASH Music platform you can collect email addresses or give away downloads in exchange for email signups and sync your lists back to your Mailchimp lists.

This can be done on a hosted page or with a fully customizable HTML5 embed that you can put on your own site.

Email collection and email for download is just the start. The CASH platform also lets you connect your own PayPal account and sell digitally, create download codes, and more tools aimed at connecting musicians to their audiences. All open source, all free, and built buy a nonprofit organization that works with musicians in all we build.

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