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Copper CRM

Keep sales and marketing aligned at all times with a super-smooth Copper x Mailchimp 2-way sync, field and tag mapping and engagement metrics.

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Copper is the CRM built for Google Workspace, loved by over 30,000+ businesses globally. Designed for businesses that drive lasting revenue through strong relationships, Copper functions seamlessly in the background so your team can spend time on what matters: people.

Copper’s Mailchimp integration offers a super-smooth 2-way sync, so both databases are always current — and no email or lead gets left behind. Sales and marketing can now stay aligned at all times with full visibility into each team’s campaigns and activities.

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Copper X Mailchimp’s functionality allows you to:

Automatically add or remove contacts in both Copper and Mailchimp
Keep your entire customer base up-to-date in each system with automated sync. Perfectly mirrored data across Copper and Mailchimp helps ensure every new lead hears from you — and no deal gets left on the table.

Segment smarter with automatic syncing of fields and tags
You want to keep your company top-of-mind for customers and prospects, and now you can with more personalization capabilities. Bring in the right customer details through 1:1 sync of fields and tags between Copper and Mailchimp — so you can build email marketing lists with significant detail and context and drive better results.

Access the full picture of audience engagement, all in one place
View audience campaign performance and engagement directly in Copper — no more switching tabs to view analytics in Mailchimp. With a full view of a relationship’s engagement inside Copper, you know how individual contacts are interacting with marketing messages and who’s ready to take action.

New email marketing possibilities for Copper customers
The Copper X Mailchimp CRM integration opens up tons of possibilities for automating email marketing. Long-time customer JBGoodwin uses Copper for agent recruiting, and has seen a 300% jump in the number of outbound recruiting emails sent with our Mailchimp integration compared to 3 years ago — efforts that have contributed to a 37% increase in sponsored agents.

To Use This Integration:

  1. Sign up to Mailchimp and Copper
  2. Generate an API key in Mailchimp and Copper
  3. Follow the integration instructions

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