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Coupon Carrier allows you to import your unique codes that you have created. We give you the flexibility to pregenerate the codes and then we help you with the distribution. Most of our customers generates a list of promo / coupon codes in their store administration (ecommerce). This means that you can import basically anything as long as it’s unique. Here are some common usages: Discount codes, promo codes, software access keys, affiliate codes. You can import codes from a CSV file or simply copy and paste your codes into the app.

Trigger our Code Email when subscribers join your list

Let Coupon Carrier monitor one of your Mailchimp lists and send out an email with one of your unique codes immediately when someone subscribes to the list. You can choose to trigger the email for all new subscribers or only a specific segment.

Optionally trigger your own Mailchimp Automation

If you need more customization than our built-in email offers your can optionally choose to trigger a Mailchimp automation instead and include the unique code using a merge tag. This allows you to have complete control of the email design.

Use our Redeem Link in ecommerce or birthday automations

Want to distribute codes using other automations like ecommerce or birthday events? Our Redeem Link can be used in any kind of campaign or automation. It's a unique link that, when clicked, redirects the subscriber to a custom landing page that shows them their unique code. Since the code are assigned when the link is clicked they can be used in any automation regardless of when it's sent or how it's triggered.

Autogenerated discount codes from Shopify

If you have a Shopify store you can have Coupon Carrier automatically generate the discount codes in your store. This allows you to set relative expiry dates, ex 24 hours after they receive the discount code. Read more about Autogenerated lists.

QR/Barcode support

Our built-in Code Emails and Redeem Link landing pages both support generating QR/Barcode images from your unique code and displaying them as an image.

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