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Automatically send Delighted email surveys to subscribers who join a specified mailing list. Set a time delay to ensure higher quality feedback.


Automatically send Delighted email surveys to subscribers who join a specified mailing list or embed directly into Mailchimp emails.

Simply customize your Delighted email survey, set up the integration in 2 clicks, and you’ll have an automated feedback collection program.

Delighted also allows you to seamlessly embed Delighted surveys in your Mailchimp emails and collect valuable customer feedback on the spot. Embedding can improve response rates and streamline the user experience.

Sample use cases:

  1. Send a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey after customers receive their order
  2. Send a Customer Satisfaction survey after a support issue has been resolved
  3. Send a Product/Market Fit survey after customers have had sufficient time to explore your product

Delighted email survey features:

  1. Embedded email surveys optimized for desktop and mobile for higher response rates. Your audience answers directly in the email.
  2. Customizable look and feel with surveys supported in 37 languages.
  3. Optimize survey delivery with a customizable time delay. Make sure your audience receives a survey only after they’ve experienced what your brand has to offer.
  4. Built-in survey throttling ensures no one is ever surveyed too often.

End User Support

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A survey experience you and your customers will love

Delighted email surveys are optimized for desktop and mobile. Customize the look and feel of the survey to match your brand, and localize your surveys in 37 languages.

Monitor customer sentiment in real-time

Watch feedback populate your real-time Delighted dashboard. Analyze and segment your feedback data, no spreadsheets required.

Create a system of action

Save department or product-specific Trends reports and send the feedback directly to those who can act on it. AI-driven text analysis helps your program scale alongside your business.

Embed Delighted into your Mailchimp emails

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