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Fillout Forms

Fillout is the powerful form builder for Mailchimp. From a Fillout form, you can add and update contacts, conditionally add tags, add audience fields and more.



The Fillout-Mailchimp integration lets you effortlessly link your Fillout forms to your Mailchimp audience lists. This easy-to-use integration is essential for anyone aiming to streamline email marketing workflows, from collecting new contacts to updating existing ones and segmenting audiences for targeted campaigns.

Key Features

  1. Easy Setup: Connect your Fillout form to Mailchimp in just a few clicks.
  2. Flexible Field Mapping: Link form fields directly to Mailchimp audience fields, including custom ones.
  3. Audience Management: Automatically add new contacts or update existing ones in your Mailchimp list.
  4. Conditional Tags: Apply Mailchimp tags based on form responses for better audience segmentation.
  5. Advanced Analytics: Monitor form performance and partial submissions to optimize lead collection.

Why Use This Integration?

Efficiency: Automate data collection and updates, saving time for other marketing tasks. Targeted Marketing: Use conditional tags and analytics to personalize and measure your campaigns. User Experience: Leverage advanced conditional logic for interactive and user-friendly forms.


The Fillout-Mailchimp integration is an easy way to upgrade your email marketing efforts. Save time, improve audience engagement, and view advanced analytics to make smarter marketing decisions.