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Connect your events ticketing from Humanitix to Mailchimp. Boost ticket sales, grow your audience and streamline your workflows.


Our powerful Mailchimp integration automatically creates and/or updates your Mailchimp contact records with enriched data from your Humanitix orders.

Sync your attendees Humanitix seamlessly syncs event attendees to your Mailchimp account. Choose how to sync your attendees with different criteria and automatically populate your desired Mailchimp audience.

Build beautiful comms Using Mailchimp's powerful tools you can build beautiful, personalised, and automated email campaigns. Easily generate invites, welcome emails, event reminders and slick post-event follow-ups utilising data from your Humanitix orders.

Harness your event data The integration syncs rich purchase data from your Humanitix orders so you can quickly segment and send campaigns to attendees based on their purchase history. Extract engagement data using Mailchimp’s reporting tools, identifying your most successful events and your most loyal attendees. You can even see the precise orders made right within your Mailchimp activity feed. Quickly highlight trends that will ensure you make smarter, faster and targeted decisions for future events and promotions.


Asset 1 - Humanitix Integration