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Automatically syncs the email IDs of the customers who successfully paid you and those who dropped off during the purchase process to your Mailchimp account.

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How do I set up the Mailchimp app?

  1. Just subscribe to the ‘Connect to Mailchimp’ app on the Instamojo app store.
  2. Authorise Instamojo to access your Mailchimp account by signing in with your Mailchimp username and password.
  3. Pick the lists you want synced to Mailchimp

What does the Mailchimp app do?

The Mailchimp app helps sync the a) Emails off dropped-off buyers - customers that did not complete a payment and b) Emails of customers that have successfully paid you on Instamojo to your Mailchimp account?

Where do I find the lists on Mailchimp?

The lists can be found under the lists section on Mailchimp. They will be called ‘Customer List’ and ‘Dropped off buyer list’. When you click on either of the lists, you can see the list of Email IDs and other details for every customer/ dropped off buyer. When you click on a certain buyer, you can see all the details related to that buyer (product they purchased or were trying to purchase, amount , payment retry link(in case of dropped off buyers) , payment purpose etc).

How can I stop Instamojo from adding more emails to the List?

You can switch on/switch off any list from your app dashboard. When you switch off a list , Instamojo stops sending email IDs to Mailchimp. When you switch on a list, Instamojo resumes adding email IDs to your list .

What do I do if I want to permanently stop the service?

You can unsubscribe to the app.When you unsubscribe to the app, you lose access to the app dashboard and Instamojo will no longer add email IDs to your Mailchimp list. If you just want to temporarily pause the service, you can choose to switch off the lists from the app dashboard.

How will these lists help me ?

  1. You can improve your conversion rates by sending automated mailers to your dropped off buyers , urging them to complete their transaction.
  2. You can increase retention and sales by upselling relevant, new products to your existing customers.
  3. You can increase brand recall / loyalty amongst your buyer base by updating them about upcoming promotions and offers through a simplified workflow that helps you save a lot of time.

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