Keela is a Nonprofit Management Software that gives you powerful tools to manage your donors, mobilize your volunteers, market your nonprofit & raise more money

Keela is a nonprofit-focused software company on the cutting edge of innovation in the sector. Our mission is to serve and support every organization that is empowering positive change. We are the first affordable, nonprofit specific CRM platform to provide intelligent tools and guided decision making, helping nonprofit professionals make enlightened decisions based on their data so they can work more effectively. Keela is officially certified as a B-Corp. This means we’re always prioritizing people over profit and never forgetting our commitment to the communities in which we operate.

By connecting your Mailchimp account with Keela, you’ll be able to:

1.) Seamlessly transfer your Mailchimp Contacts to Keela

2.) Create new Tags in Keela to match your Mailchimp Account

3.) Sync new Contacts from your Keela account to your Mailchimp account, making sure both systems are up to date!

4.) Automatically update your Contacts details when a change is made on either platform

5.) Manage specific subscription levels in both systems

6) View and track your Mailchimp communications in Keela to ensure that all of your team members can be kept in the loop!

Gif image of Keela Dashboard and connecting Mailchimp

Follow the steps below to get your Mailchimp and Keela accounts synced!

Click on your name in the top-right hand corner of Keela > Click on Organization Settings.

Click on the Integrations tab > Click the Connect button to the right of the Mailchimp logo.

Enter your Mailchimp username and password > Click Log In. Select the account that you would like to sync (you may only have one)

Note: The time to select an account is limited. If your session expires, you will be directed back to the login screen to try again.

Once you've selected your account, you'll be taken back to your Keela account and a green Connected label will appear to the right of the Mailchimp icon.