LeadsBridge is a marketing workflow, sales funnel and retargeting feed automation platform.

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Using LeadsBridge allows you to automate workflows where data originates from your platform of choice, and it is automatically sent to Mailchimp through connections called bridges. With your bridges, you may not only automate tedious and manual tasks, but you may also filter contact information and send only the data you desire to the platforms where you continue your campaigns and strategic workflows.

Let's say you have a form that people fill to subscribe to your newsletter. The easiest way to handle this data is to create a bridge so each time someone fills your form all of their information is sent to Mailchimp automatically, and you’re left to take care only of the fun parts of the workflow. A variation of this is creating a bridge where Mailchimp is the information source, after being in touch with a customer you may want to send them to a follow-up platform.

Retargeting features:

  • Custom Audience Sync - Another great feature you may take advantage of is our Custom Audience Sync; this tool allows you to create and keep a Custom Audience updated with your Mailchimp contacts. Set up the bridge using the name you’d like that audience to have and choose which data you want to feed it with, anything added or deleted from Mailchimp's segment of choice will be reflected on your Custom Audiences. Now all you have to do is use this Custom Audience for your campaigns; you may target them for a specific campaign or even make sure the people that have already engaged with you don’t see your ads.

  • Offline Conversion Sync - When using Mailchimp as part of your strategy, you may want to get a better sense of the whole picture, on how your campaigns are doing and how the entire workflow or funnel you’ve created is paying off; for this, you use Offline Conversions, especially when your businesses make sales offline. All your data probably ends up on a CRM where you track customer expense, dates, and similar, with our Offline Conversion Sync you may send that information over to Facebook to help you connect the dots between your campaigns and Mailchimp to understand performance and target people with similar characteristics as your current customers.


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Get leads generated in virtually any source and send them to Mailchimp automatically through LeadsBridge

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Send your Mailchimp contacts to other platforms automatically to continue your marketing workflows without interruptions