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LeadsBridge is an iPaaS solution that enables companies to enhance their omnichannel strategy orchestrating their business data.


LeadsBridge fulfills your integration needs, focusing on bridging gaps between advertising platforms and sales funnels, and delivering tailor-made integrations made upon your business needs.

The LeadsBridge platform is suited for companies that want to streamline their advertising activities by integrating the marketing technology stack with Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

With more than +370 out-of-the-box integrations available at the moment, you can easily connect your chosen software with your advertising platform, seamlessly synchronizing data for your marketing workflows.

Using LeadsBridge allows you to automate workflows where data originates from your platform of choice, and it is automatically sent to Mailchimp through connections called bridges. With your bridges, you may not only automate tedious and manual tasks, but you may also filter contact information and send only the data you desire to the platforms where you continue your campaigns and strategic workflows.

Let's say you have a form that people fill to subscribe to your newsletter. The easiest way to handle this data is to create a bridge so each time someone fills your form all of their information is sent to Mailchimp automatically, and you’re left to take care only of the fun parts of the workflow. A variation of this is creating a bridge where Mailchimp is the information source, after being in touch with a customer you may want to send them to a follow-up platform.

Main Features:

Lead Sync With LeadsBridge, you can automatically synchronize leads from Facebook Lead Ads, Google Lead Form Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen forms with your favorite CRM, and Email Marketing software.

Audience Targeting Thanks to Audience Targeting, you will able to automatically create the best audiences by syncing the CRM segments, email marketing contacts, or customer lists with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads, always being compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws.

Online to Offline Tracking This tool allows you to track your offline transactions and understand the performance of online campaigns. LeadsBridge offers this service on Facebook through Facebook Conversion API and on Google by using Google Offline Conversions.

Platform to Platform With LeadsBridge Platform to Platform technology, you can connect the company’s platforms through LeadsBridge to make teams more effective and get rid of data silo issues

eCommerce Synchronization LeadsBridge allows eCommerce companies to sync contacts and orders between your eCommerce tool and the most used advertising platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Tailor-Made integration LeadsBridge provides tailored integrations for complex workflows. This is suitable for companies with unique needs that are not available on the integration list. LeadsBridge helps to integrate custom or internal CRM for such companies.


Get leads generated in virtually any source and send them to Mailchimp automatically through LeadsBridge.

Send your Mailchimp contacts to other platforms automatically to continue your marketing workflows without interruptions.

Test your new Bridge before going live.

Audience Targeting by LeadsBridge - Product overview

Real-time lead data syncing provides you with the ability to interact with your leads instantly, moving them through the pipeline faster and more efficiently.

Audience Targeting by LeadsBridge - Product overview

Online to Offline by LeadsBridge - Product overview

Segment your leads, prospects, and customers by common traits to retarget at every stage of their journey through the funnel.

Online to Offline by LeadsBridge - Product overview