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The best online course platform to create, sell, and promote your online courses. LearnWorlds helps you transform your expertise into success!


Convert leads into paying learners

Connect your LearnWorlds online school to multiple Mailchimp audiences to level up your email marketing efforts, send targeted email sequences, and drive sales through the roof.

Nurture your audience (and up-sell)

Set up auto-tagging with LearnWolds whenever learners perform a meaningful action, like completing or previewing a course. And then trigger specific automated email sequences in Mailchimp (to up-sell, for example!).

Increase your conversion rate

LearnWorlds also syncs UTMs and custom sign-up fields so you can segment your audience and tailor your message and get a higher conversion rate from your email campaigns.

Expand your online school with the most advanced email marketing integration for eLearning.

Join thousands of content creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses to build amazing learning experiences!

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