Less Annoying CRM

Sync Less Annoying CRM groups with Mailchimp's tags and audiences to seamlessly manage your email marketing needs.

Less Annoying CRM

A simpler CRM for small businesses and teams As the easiest-to-use CRM on the market, Less Annoying CRM is designed from the ground up with small businesses in mind. Never miss another follow up with built-in calendar tools, interaction tracking, workflow management, and effortless contact reporting.

Easily sync your Less Annoying CRM groups with Mailchimp audiences and tags Less Annoying CRM’s integration with Mailchimp allows you to continuously sync your contacts’ names and email addresses with your Mailchimp audiences and tags. You can choose to sync any group in Less Annoying CRM to a single audience, or any tag within an audience.

These syncs will run continuously in the background once you’ve turned them on, meaning that any new contact added to a synced LACRM group will be automatically added to your Mailchimp audience/tag and included in your next email blast!

Questions? With the highest-rated customer support in the industry, the Less Annoying CRM team is happy to help with any issues. Just reach out to us or check out our help documentation on this Mailchimp integration here.


If you only have a single audience in Mailchimp, you just have to select the LACRM group you'd like to sync with that Mailchimp audience.

If you have multiple audiences in Mailchimp, you need to select which Mailchimp audience you'd like to sync with each LACRM group.

Choose which LACRM group each Mailchimp tag should sync with.

The above walkthrough will take you through how to turn on your Mailchimp integration in LACRM, and how to set up your first sync.