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Lil Regie sync with Mailchimp

Lil Regie does event registrations. Mailchimp lets you connect with people. Hook them up - it's a beautiful way to keep in touch with your event attendees!

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Sync your Lil Regie event with Mailchimp.

Lovingly crafted in NZ since 2009, Lil Regie is a simple, effective and affordable event registration platform. We support events of any size, from five to 50,000! With Lil Regie you'll enjoy a fast and secure registration set up, fully-responsive booking page, performance dashboard, Mailchimp integration, waitlisting, attendee check-in and more. Even better: we don't lock you in with sign up, subscription or license fees. Get started for free & pay nothing for free events.

Lil Regie + Mailchimp allows you to create your event in Lil Regie and handle your attendee comms with Mailchimp, by syncing between the two platforms. You'll be able to send pretty much any data you collect from your Lil Regie registration form to Mailchimp.

Mailchimp makes it easy to connect with your attendees, so you can effectively keep them in-the-loop with important information and reminders about your event. It's also a great way to follow up with attendees after your event, with supplementary material, surveys, or even information about your next great event! With Lil Regie and Mailchimp, the registration and communication needs for your event are handled. Easy.

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Lil Regie and Mailchimp Integration


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Image of option to connect Mailchimp to Mailing lists

Connect to Mailchimp from within Lil Regie.

Image of option to Name New Mailchimp Mailing list

Then choose the information you want to sync with Mailchimp. Simple and easy!