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Lytics is the customer data platform built for marketers. Connect your marketing data and create behavior-rich segments.

Lytics acts as a hub that natively connects all of your company’s marketing applications in minutes, for direct access to a complete set of customer data.


Import Subscribers from Mailchimp into Lytics

Import subscribers along with their opens and clicks from Mailchimp into Lytics. After you import your subscribers into Lytics, we use modern identity matching techniques to merge Mailchimp data with your web, mobile and social data, to surface a complete profile of your customer. Easily build custom segments based on this data. For example, create a segment of users who have previously purchased twice and haven't opened an email in 30 days.

Check out our one minute video showing you how to get your subscribers into Lytics.

Export Segments out of Lytics and back into Mailchimp:

With a few clicks, you can export segments created in Lytics back into Mailchimp to target with personalized campaigns.

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Connecting Lytics with Mailchimp