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PayWhirl Recurring Payments

Add subscribers to a Mailchimp list automatically when they subscribe to your PayWhirl account.

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With PayWhirl and Mailchimp you can sell subscription products and services on your website and automatically add your customers to a Mailchimp list. Create marketing campaigns, customize your welcome emails and send out promotions easily.

PayWhirl Recurring Payments makes it incredibly easy to create and manage recurring subscription plans on any website. It removes the hard work necessary to code all of the pages that allow your customers to sign-up for memberships, create accounts and manage their subscriptions.

See what our customers are saying!

★★★★★ "First off: their customer service is EXCELLENT. Incredibly responsive and very patient with helping me get my (rather convoluted) subscription options off the ground. I am seriously on a first-name basis with Ryan P. (ha ha though I'm apparently not on a last-name basis with him) and think I should probably send him a Christmas card."

~ Idiot Book Shop

★★★★★ "The app is simple, elegantly designed, and yet powerful. Most of all, when I've had questions, the customer support has been absolutely brilliant. Fast, friendly, very proactive. Best support I've ever had from any company. Oh, and their fees are the lowest out there too. No brainer. Use PayWhirl."

~ Everyone Loves Legs Hosiery Club

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