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Personalized Triggered Emails

Trigger behavioral emails and capture more email addresses of anonymous shoppers all through Mandrill!

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Don’t give up on abandoned shopping carts

Trigger real-time email follow-ups through Mandrill that can deliver conversion rates 3x higher than traditional abandonment programs

Fully Automated multi-stage campaigns

Customize one or more email templates, decide when they should go out and cart abandonment emails will be triggered automatically based on rules you define. You can easily set up multiple email campaigns with different offers-- allowing you to reserve promotions for the second or third email, only to those visitors who have not responded to prior messages.

Capture more email addresses

Chances are, most visitors leave your website without entering an email address. With Barilliance, you can target visitors before they exit the shopping cart page and offer them to save their cart in return for their email addresses.

Advanced segmentation

Send different emails to different customers based on their order value or cart content. For example, offer free shipping only to customers with cart value of $100 or more.

Go beyond cart abandonment

Carry your triggered email program through the entire customer lifecycle. Our system allows you to trigger additional behavioral email types including win backs and browse abandonment emails.


Deliver rich emails that are personalized with images of the products your customer abandoned. You can also add product recommendations which would show similar products based on the customer’s abandoned cart content.

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Personalized Triggered Emails

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