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Effectively turn your visitors into clients with Personizely. Easy to use Widgets and Personalization that lets you explore the full potential of any webstore.


With Personizely, it becomes much easier to explore diverse marketing strategies by collecting information from your customers and creating pop-ups, which will result in an increase in conversion rate, as well as sales. Using website personalization, you will increase the chance of visitors becoming loyal clients, by using geolocation, device, referral source and other attributes to make them feel that your website was tailor-made for them.

By connecting Mailchimp to Personizely, you create a workflow that is faster and more efficient, which means you need to spend less time on admin, and more time on things that you really care about. Combine the power of Mailchimp and Personizely – grow your email list and boost your sales. Start adding your contacts directly to your email-list from highly customizable and targeted pop-ups.


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Grow Your Email Lists