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Embed video in email with ease. Works across all devices and connections ensuring recipients experience high quality video at the moment of opening the email.
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Playable is designed to make it super easy to add short video clips to your Mailchimp email campaigns, which play automatically the moment the email is opened.

The key features of the Mailchimp and Playable integration are:

  • Use any type of video file for your video email All video formats are accepted by Playable including links to hosted videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and Brightcove, plus you can also drag a video file into Playable from your computer.

  • Once imported, you can create a 10 second edit of your video, using the WISYWIG editor, it is this edited clip which will be embedded in your Mailchimp email campaign.

  • Drive response and Engagement Add Call to Actions, captions, landing page URL's and end cards to your edited video clip. These enhancements consistently deliver response and engagment rates over 5x those of static image email campaigns.

  • Simple point and click process Embedding your Playable video clip into your Mailchimp campaigns is as simple as a few point and clicks, no need to dive into the HTML. Playable is fully compatible with the Mailchimp template designer.

  • Real Time Optimisation and Reporting Monitor how your Video Email is performing and how your audiences are engaging with deep analytics & video email specific reporting, including real time A.I. driven content optimisation.

  • Works across all email clients. Playable reaches 95% of email clients with AutoPlay video at the moment the recipient opens the email. The 5% who are unable to receive video (Desktop Windows Microsoft Outlook versions 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 and the now defunct Windows Phone 7) are shown a static image, selected by the user, with a CTA to view the video on line.

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Video Email by Playable

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Playable Video Email works across all devices and email clients