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Rewind Backups for Mailchimp

A seamless, fully automated backup solution that safeguards your valuable Mailchimp data.

Rewind Backups

About Rewind

Rewind provides and easy-to-manage backup solution that ensures the data your organization runs on is always protected. We help safeguard over 100,000 organizations globally from the impacts of accidental changes, malicious attacks, and compliance faults.

Fully Automated Backup

Rewind begins protecting your data as soon as you connect and will continue capturing new changes every 24 hours.

Recovery Support & Guidance

The Rewind team is here to help in the event of a data disaster. Easily connect with us through email or in-product chat for assistance.

Get Started in Minutes

Connecting Mailchimp to Rewind takes only a few clicks and requires no complex configuration or technical expertise.

Don't let a simple mistake put your business and revenue at risk. Plan ahead and get started with Rewind Backups today!

Save Time and Money

Managing backups manually is complex and it's even more challenging to maintain and restore. Start with Rewind today!

Peace of Mind

Rewind automatically backs up your Mailchimp data everyday so you can be sure that you're ready for those small mistakes and big disasters.

Full Backup Coverage

Recover anything from a single campaign to your entire contact list through our Restore-On-Request service.

If you have questions, please contact us at anytime!

A quick overview of Rewind Backups for Mailchimp.