Survicate – surveys for MailChimp

Collect NPS®, customer satisfaction surveys and product feedback from within your email campaigns, and save answers in Mailchimp.

Survicate’s integration with Mailchimp allows you to distribute surveys among subscribers from a selected mailing list and send answers back to Mailchimp. Responses can be saved as list fields, notes or tags under Mailchimp contacts profiles. It’s really simple – you can pick a specific mailing list and choose existing or create new list fields, directly from the Survicate panel. Measure NPS & customer satisfaction and ask other questions that are relevant to your business – from within your email campaign. Enrich your contacts’ profiles in Mailchimp for better customer segmentation and personalization of your newsletters. You can collect up to 50 answers on a freemium account in Survicate, so why don’t you give it a try?

Image of Mailchimp integration settings.

Create your survey in a Survicate panel and decide on a question level which answers should be sent to Mailchimp as list fields, notes and/or tags.

Image of  a survey with the word Worn.

If you’d like to embed the first question inside the email – choose NPS or single selection question.

Image of mailchimp dashboard with survey answered circled, tags circled, and satisfaction circled.

Enrich your contacts' profiles in MailChimp for better customer segmentation and personalization of your newsletters.