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Sweet Analytics

Centralise customer data, maximise ROI, and grow your brand with a leading e-commerce analytics platform designed for retailers by retailers.


Sweet Analytics is the perfect tool to use alongside Mailchimp, allowing you to drive your sales, while understanding the role of email in the customer journey. The combination of the intelligence of Sweet and Mailchimp allows you to connect with your customers to maximize customer lifetime value.

The Mailchimp integration is one of many integrations that makes Sweet the platform of choice for any business or marketing leader wanting to feel in control, with all their sales, customer and marketing information in one place; while being focused on ensuring budgets are achieved.

Some of the features Sweet provides:

  • The Sweet Audience Builder, the ultimate customer segmentation tool (which directly syncs to Mailchimp), allows you to segment your customers with a multitude of value creating attributes beyond those in Mailchimp
  • Create behavioral tags that drive customer lifetime value and create customer loyalty
  • Create campaigns and flows that drive desired value creating outcomes based on purchase and product variables
  • Report on broadcast and flow campaign performance within your single go-to portal, Sweet, allowing you to see all your marketing activities in one place
  • Monitor lifetime value of customers driven by email and compare performance to other marketing channels
  • Review email interactions as part of understanding marketing channel attribution
  • Use Sweet to save you time in reporting and drive ROI