Swydo’s reporting, monitoring, and workflow platform retrieves data from multiple sources and creates professional, customizable marketing reports.


Swydo’s online reporting platform helps digital agencies successfully communicate marketing campaign results and insights through data visualization, while maximizing efficiencies and bringing more value to their clients. Through our easy-to-use interface, Swydo subscribers can create and automate comprehensive, customized reports in minutes, giving them more time to spend on analyzing and optimizing clients’ campaigns and providing data driven, actionable insights. With the ability to incorporate multiple marketing sources into one report, digital marketers can provide both a big picture view of marketing efforts, as well as the detail behind those activities to demonstrate the value they are delivering to their clients.

Once you connect to a Mailchimp account, Swydo will retrieve account data enabling you to integrate email campaign metrics within your existing reports. With this new capability, you’ll be able to provide more comprehensive and in-depth insights into all of your clients’ digital marketing efforts providing insights across PPC, SEO and email.

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Swydo: Reporting and monitoring platform for online marketers