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Tabular - Email Template Builder

Build custom responsive email templates with Tabular's email builder and directly use them in Mailchimp. Edit without ever seeing a single line of code.


Create custom responsive emails for any purpose such as newsletters. With Tabular, anybody can build custom emails and get full control over how the design looks on desktop and mobile devices – for free.

Tabular automatically generates bulletproof hybrid mobile-first responsive email HTML code that renders exactly like the design you create in the no-code drag-and-drop email template builder.

Tabular’s email templates are your shortcut to great design, if you require some inspiration. And, our intuitive drag-and-drop email editor makes it easy for you to customize an email template until you get exactly the design you want.

Unique about Tabular is its intuitive way of designing a drastically different look-and-feel for mobile phones. It’s projected that 50 percent of email opens will be on mobile phones this year. That’s why Tabular provides you with the design tools to make your mobile email version look exactly how you want.

How it works

Step 1 – Create an email

To get started, log in or sign up to Tabular. Choose what kind of email design you’d like to create, and select a template or start from scratch with a blank canvas. Customize your email design until you’ve got the look you want.

Step 2 – Use in Mailchimp

When you’re happy with your email, click the ‘Use email’ button in the top-right corner to choose your export option. Select Mailchimp from the export options.

Step 3 – Add your Mailchimp account

If this is the first time you’ve uploaded to Mailchimp, you’ll be prompted to connect your Mailchimp account to your Tabular account. Add your Mailchimp username and password to connect.

Step 4 – Upload your email to Mailchimp

After adding your Mailchimp authorization, you can now click on the ‘Connect to templates’ button. This will automatically upload your Tabular email in HTML format to your templates directory in Mailchimp. Step 5 – Find your email template in Mailchimp

When inside your Mailchimp dashboard, look for the Campaigns menu item in the left menu sidebar. Navigate to Campaigns > Email templates. You’ll be able to find the email you uploaded from Tabular on this page.

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Create custom Mailchimp email templates in Tabular email editor.

Use any Mailchimp merge tag in your Tabular email design. Tabular email editor lets you add variables with optional display text.

Automatically upload your custom email template from Tabular to your Mailchimp templates directory. Connect your Mailchimp account and let Tabular send the automatically generated HTML format of your email to Mailchimp.