Engage your audience with beautiful forms

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First impressions count. So why collect information with a dull, ordinary form when you can make it professional, easy, and fun? You’ll create a better interaction—and get more contacts as a result.

Make on-brand forms, surveys, and quizzes—and send the answers straight to Mailchimp. With this integration, you can link any answer in your typeform to any text field in your Mailchimp list. You can also tag responses so they're easy to organize.

Growing your blog subscriber list? Generating leads with quizzes? Validating a product idea? With Typeform and Mailchimp, you automate a key part of your audience’s journey, so you can focus on what comes next.

To get started, you'll need a Typeform account with at least one typeform that includes an email question. Got it? Let's walk through how to connect it to Mailchimp from within the typeform builder.

In the Connect panel of your typeform, you'll see a button to 'Connect' to Mailchimp.

After logging in, choose which Mailchimp list you want to use with your typeform.

Next, choose the Email question in your typeform to send to Mailchimp. Click on the drop-down menu to see the available questions. Please note that the Email question needs to be set required. Now you have the option to add a name to the Mailchimp list.

Now you can choose to connect any other question from your typeform to a text field in your MailChimp list, or simply press Continue if email is all you need. You can connect any Typeform question to any MailChimp text field (no other field types are compatible at the moment).

Click +Add another, then select a typeform question from the left dropdown menu, and a corresponding MailChimp field from the right dropdown. You can connect as many as you like:

After your fields are mapped (name, questions, etc), click 'Continue.' This will test your integration to make sure it's working okay. Once everything is good to go, you’ll see the message below. Click 'Activate integration', and start watching those Typeform answers appearing automatically in your Mailchimp list.