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Link Preview

by Mailchimp


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Save time and make your links shine by adding Link Preview content blocks to your email campaigns. Add multiple blocks to quickly share several articles or resources without needing to copy and paste descriptions or import images.

After adding the Link Preview app to your account, you’ll be able to add stylized link previews directly into your email campaigns with an app block just as easily as you add any other content block. (Note: You can add app blocks only if you’re using the new builder.)

Selecting the block opens a menu where you can paste the link you want to preview. Videos and articles tend to work great. If a thumbnail image and description text is available, the app will automatically import them into your campaign. The whole block preview block becomes a clickable area to drive engagement with your content.

What does it do?

Here are some popular ways to use this integration. Features and functionality vary by plan.

Work more efficiently

  • Automatically pull in text and images that correspond to your links

Create engaging email campaigns

  • You can add multiple link preview blocks to a single campaign.
  • Show or hide thumbnail preview images
  • Show or hide imported descriptions
  • Change block size (small, medium, or large)