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Create a comprehensive overview of your email marketing campaign performance. Automatically aggregate Mailchimp data and turn it into a visual report.


Keep essential Mailchimp metrics in one location. View the total number of subscribers, sent email analytics, and other email marketing campaign vitals.

See individual campaign performance. Get the results of each email campaign and analyze whether your efforts are paying off. View and compare campaign open and click rates and see how effective individual campaigns are.

Create cross-channel reports to better analyze the different marketing channels you use. See what channels - whether it's email, SEO, PPC, social media - are driving the best results for you or your clients.


Pre-build Mailchimp report template. Contains all of the must-know metrics that an email marketer should always keep an eye on. This report shows changes in metrics since the last selected reporting period.

When using Whatagraph, you can select the date range on which you want to report quickly. The data within the report will be automatically updated to reflect the new date you've selected.

Whatagraph integrates with over 40 different digital marketing platforms. This makes cross-channel reporting very easy - this is especially important for those who manage multiple clients across a variety of different marketing tools.