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Zoho CRM

Follow up on your leads with ease. Zoho CRM syncs leads, contacts and campaigns.


Key Features: Sync Mailchimp lists with Zoho CRM Campaigns and map Mailchimp subscribers with Zoho CRM contacts/leads. SalesSignals: Receive notifications in Zoho CRM's SaleSignals whenever a new subscriber is added or removed and when a profile has been updated in Mailchimp. Merge fields from your Mailchimp account with fields present inside Zoho CRM. The chances of landing a deal are higher with customers who have responded favourably to email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp for Zoho CRM lets salespeople prioritise their targets based on marketing information and helps them focus on the leads most likely to convert.

Image of new subscriber in Zoho CRM
Image of Mailchimp settings in Zoho CRM
Image of entry in Zoho CRM