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Mailchimp Acquires Automated Design Platform, Sawa

Mailchimp, a leading marketing platform for small business, is happy to share that we’ve acquired Atlanta-based startup Sawa. Sawa is an automated graphic design platform that instantly and beautifully assembles its customers’ photos, logos, and copy into design assets that adhere to their brand standards. Our brand-conscious and busy small business customers are going to love it. Sawa has built a great product, is the first company to successfully exit from the Techstars Atlanta accelerator, and has already attracted some impressive customers in a short period of time. As part of this acquisition, we've hired Sawa’s founder, Francis Tao, to help us integrate Sawa’s technology into Mailchimp and create a seamless experience for our customers.

You can expect to see more later this year about how Sawa’s technology has been incorporated into Mailchimp. That’s all we have to share at this time.

Statement from Sawa:

“It’s so fortunate that Sawa and Mailchimp met in this way because we hit it off instantly from both a product and culture perspective. Sawa’s automated design technology perfectly aligns with Mailchimp’s priority to empower small businesses to punch above their weight with world-class marketing. I’m excited to join the Mailchimp team and to see how Mailchimp users grow when instant, beautiful, and on-brand design is at their fingertips.” -- Francis Tao, Founder of Sawa

Statements from Techstars:

“As the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, it’s our mission to help our founders achieve their vision. We’re incredibly proud of Francis and his team in realizing this next step in Sawa’s journey, and so excited to see the impact our Techstars Atlanta Accelerator, in partnership with Cox Enterprises is having on entrepreneurs and companies in Atlanta.” -- Daniel Feld, SVP of Accelerators, Techstars

"As a former CMO, I understand the pain of bottlenecked creative resources. The first time I met Francis and received a demo of Sawa, I was amazed. Sawa's ability to enable campaign managers and go-to-market leaders to create on-brand campaign graphics with just a few clicks is a product I had always wished for at my own company." --Michael Cohn, former Managing Director, Techstars Atlanta Accelerator, in partnership with Cox Enterprises

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