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Mailchimp Releases New Tool to Help Georgians Vote Early

Mailchimp also made Election Day a paid holiday and recruited employees to volunteer as poll workers

Today, Mailchimp launched Voting on My Mind, a new online tool to help Georgians get to the polls to vote early in this year’s elections. Early voting offers flexibility in when and where voters cast their ballots, and is a great way to make sure their voices are heard, especially during the pandemic. However, many voters are less familiar with early voting locations and dates, and information is often spread across multiple websites and is rarely presented in user-friendly, mobile-friendly formats. By visiting, Georgia voters can quickly find the early voting location that’s open and closest to them.

Mailchimp has been preparing for the 2020 presidential election since the beginning of the year—for both our customers and employees—as part of our civic duty as a major employer. In addition to launching Voting on My Mind to help every Georgia voter get to the polls early in a substantive way, Mailchimp made Election Day a paid company holiday and recruited more than 50 employee volunteers to serve as poll workers.

“In previous years, we’ve tried to make voting as easy as possible for employees by encouraging our managers to make work flexible, sharing relevant polling information, and pledging our support to prioritize barrier-free civic engagement,” says Lain Shakespeare, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship at Mailchimp. “This year, we wanted to do more and try to make early voting easier for Mailchimp employees and all of our neighbors in our home state of Georgia. As a technology company, we were able to create Voting on My Mind quickly and in a user-friendly way.”

The tool uses county data to show the polling place that’s open and closest to voters. Users choose the county they’re registered in, enter their address or current location, and select a date. During the early voting period, which starts on October 12 and ends on October 30, voters can cast their ballot at any polling place in the county where they’re registered. On Election Day, voters must cast their ballot at their designated polling place. To find your polling place to vote on Election Day, visit the Georgia My Voter page.

We’re encouraging Mailchimp employees to vote early, use their paid volunteer hours for poll worker training, and take advantage of their Election Day holiday to serve as poll workers in the areas that need the most help. We’re excited that 56 employees have signed up so far. We’re also educating our employees on civic engagement, voter suppression, and voter registration action, and partnering with on their #VoteReady and campaigns.

We’ll keep this page updated as we go.

October 12, 2020

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