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Mailchimp Has a New Look

We’re still the same Mailchimp, just with more space to grow.

Today, we announced in an email to our customers that Mailchimp has a new look. We’re excited to share these brand updates and why we made them.

What’s changed and what hasn’t

We’ve updated our logo, wordmark, typeface, colors, and imagery like photography and illustrations. We’ve also evolved from “MailChimp” to “Mailchimp” with a lowercase c. Our name began as a playful metaphor: a chimp who delivers your mail. These days we do so much more than that, and our name stands for more than its component parts.

Aside from new colors and illustrations, everything inside our customers’ Mailchimp accounts will be largely the same.

We’ve made a few changes to our website that make it easier to find helpful resources. A couple highlights:

  • Our support articles (also known as the Knowledge Base) now live under the Resources menu and are labeled Guides and Tutorials. This is where you can get step-by-step help with Mailchimp.
  • We’ve retired our blog, but you’ll find existing posts and new articles about our company culture and community involvement in the About section of the site. Product announcements, customer stories, and marketing tips are published under Resources.


How we got here

Mailchimp started out as an email marketing company, but we’ve expanded beyond email and become a leading marketing platform for small businesses. Today, we help millions of customers around the world grow their own way.

As our customers’ needs have evolved, our business and products have evolved right along with them. We built our new brand identity and the overall customer experience to scale and change in step.

Since the beginning, design and user experience have been a core part of our business. In fact, our co-founder and CEO Ben frequently reminds us that design was the first discipline he staffed when the company was founded in 2001. It’s part of what has always differentiated us, and it’s in everything we do.

But with so many creative thinkers under one roof, over time we found that parts of our customer experience grew in different directions. We didn't want our brand to feel disjointed, so we created a more unified and recognizable system by weaving the new brand identity throughout all facets of Mailchimp, from our customers’ accounts to our website, and from our marketing to our support channels.


Staying true to ourselves

With this redesign, we set out to retain all the weird, lovable elements that endeared our earliest customers to Mailchimp, while creating space for the brand to grow and connect with even more small businesses. We didn’t want to lose our heritage in the process, so we focused on capturing the essence of what Mailchimp has always been.

We want to show our customers that being yourself is good for business by providing the tools and confidence to take risks, especially as their businesses evolve. We champion authenticity, originality, and expressiveness because it's what helps us—and our customers—stand out. We hope to inspire them to be more bold and creative in their own branding efforts.

If you’re interested in digging into our new design system and philosophy, visit

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