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How Georgina White Got Back to What She Loves

This marketing maven hired a Mailchimp partner to take over her newsletter so she could focus on growing her Pinterest consultancy.

The founder of Pineapple White Media (a Pinterest coaching and management company), Georgina White, is a marketing maven. Her Pinterest expertise landed her on 2 prestigious lists in 2020: Top 40 Digital Women to Watch in 2020 and a finalist for Digital Woman of the Year 2020.

But sometimes even top-tier experts need help. Although Georgina is a whiz when it comes to anything Pinterest related, she knew she wasn’t using Mailchimp to its full potential. Every week, Georgina would spend hours writing the perfect email, but then she’d ask herself, “Is a well-crafted e-blast that doesn’t land in the right inboxes worth all this work? Or is my time better spent growing my business in other ways?”

That’s where Mailchimp partner Vicky Smith comes in. The duo fit together hand in glove: both moms, both one-woman consultancies, and both marketing experts in their respective fields. Just as Georgina lives and breathes Pinterest, Vicky lives and breathes Mailchimp. The 2 were a perfect match.

Here’s how Vicky helped Georgina get back to what she loves: growing Pineapple White Media into an acclaimed marketing agency that’s bringing Pinterest into the marketing mainstream.

Georgina, you’re in the marketing world yourself. What motivated you to hire a Mailchimp partner?

Georgina: I was always so busy, juggling my business and taking care of my 4-year-old son. Between Pinterest coaching and management for my clients, I also have to market myself on a high level across multiple platforms. It was overwhelming.

When you hired Vicky, what did you ask her to help you with?

Georgina: My newsletter. Producing it had become stressful for me. I knew it was something I had to do, but it occupied so much time—time that I already didn’t have. However, after investing in creating a lead magnet, I realized I needed to have the proper systems in place to make that expense worthwhile. I needed to be following up by email, otherwise it was like burning money. So, I reached out to Vicky.

Vicky, how long have you been a Mailchimp partner?

Vicky: I started out as more of a general virtual assistant, but about 2 years ago decided to focus on email marketing. I’ve been a Mailchimp partner for about 18 months, but recently niched down my business to focus on Mailchimp exclusively.

“This is Vicky’s zone of genius, definitely not mine! The day I handed the newsletter over to her. Well, that was that. I haven’t looked back.”

Georgina White, founder of Pineapple White Media

So you’ve become a Mailchimp master?

Vicky: Ha! I’ve attended the Mailchimp Academy, so I have the certifications. I offer training sessions on how to use Mailchimp as well as account management services. The platform is constantly evolving—it doesn’t look like it did 12 months ago. It’s amazing how many new features continue to be added. When you're using Mailchimp day to day to manage your clients’ accounts, you know the platform inside out. You see all the changes in action and understand the workarounds, tips, and tricks.

Georgina, you’ve been working with Vicky since this summer. What kind of results have her efforts yielded?

Georgina: Although Vicky’s yielded some great results, I’m not necessarily looking at what she’s doing for me in terms of numbers, at least not right now. What Vicky has really helped me with is bolstering my brand’s reputation. When you commit to producing a newsletter, if you don't follow through, you look flaky. Now with Vicky, I don’t have to worry about it. The newsletter always goes out on time. Keeping brand alignment and consistency is very important to me. Hiring a Mailchimp partner took away an element that overwhelmed my busy life.

Georgina and Vicky, how has your working relationship evolved over the past 6 months?

Vicky: When I started working with Georgina, I dealt mostly with the newsletter. I did a lot of work with her template early on, editing and stripping it back. Then we developed a survey for her audience, which helped us identify her ideal client. Things really seem to have fallen into place in the last few months. Now, because I’ve read so much of Georgina’s content, I understand what she needs to get across and who she’s trying to target.

Georgina: I hired Vicky to help with the newsletter, but after I realized that she could do a lot of what I previously had been asking my web designer to help with...well, that was a game changer. Now Vicky’s helped set up a sequence of automations that follow up on the lead magnet.

What Vicky has really helped me with is bolstering my brand’s reputation. When you commit to producing a newsletter, if you don't follow through, you look flaky. Now with Vicky, I don’t have to worry about it.

Georgina White, founder of Pineapple White Media

Vicky, can you tell us a bit more about these automations?

Vicky: The first automations I implemented targeted people who were downloading the lead magnet. Now, I’ve set up a parallel automation for people who have signed up for the mailing list but have yet to download the lead magnet. Now, no matter which path someone takes to find Georgina, we’re following up with them.

Georgina, you have ambitions to grow Pineapple White Media. Has Vicky helped you in that regard?

Georgina: Right now, it’s as if I’m trying to sell tea to coffee drinkers. Because I’m working on growing the coaching side of my business, the audience we’re talking to isn’t the ideal client. I want to work with course creators, virtual assistants, and podcasters, as well as creative service pros, web designers, and brand designers. Vicky is helping me target my ideal customers by utilizing Mailchimp’s segmentation options.

So, did hiring a partner free up your time to focus on other things?

Georgina: It saved me loads of time. Now I can focus on being more creative and producing more content for my blog, social feeds, and new website.

What’s up next for Pineapple White Media?

Georgina: My big plan is to scale up both the management and coaching sides of my business. Eventually, I hope to grow into an international agency, and Vicky is essential to this! The more clients I have, the more I can grow—but it will take a lot more content and email marketing to get there.

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