FTF Privacy

About This Service

This email that you are forwarding to your friend(s) was created and delivered using a service called Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is an email marketing solution that was created in 2001, and has helped thousands of businesses from all over the globe send email newsletters and promotions to their customers.

This forward–to–friend (FTF) tool is a service that we provide to our customers, so that their recipients can help spread the word about them. It's not used to collect email addresses for marketing purposes, or to subscribe anyone to any lists.

When you forward an email to a friend, we don't store your email address, or your friend's email address. Nobody gets subscribed to anything. The customer who created the email campaign only sees an aggregate number of times their email campaign was forwarded on. The customer never sees who forwarded what to whom.

At Mailchimp, we do our best to follow email marketing best practices. For more information about Mailchimp, feel free to visit our website, or read through our corporate privacy policy.