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1:1 Clinic

Do you work in an agency or freelance and use Mailchimp?

Do you feel the need for expert advice on client account management or your business?

Do you have ideas on how to contribute to the Mailchimp & Co. community?

What is the 1:1 clinic

It's a 45' one-on-one call between you and Mailchimp & Co's Italian ambassadors, Alessandra Farabegoli and Marco Ziero. During the call you can talk openly about how you use Mailchimp and get their opinions, advice, and an external,expert point of view to help you get the most out of Mailchimp & Co and level up as a Partner.

How it works

  • You decide what the topic of the call will be: we can anser your questions about Mailchimp & Co and the Partner program, review a Mailchimp account together (yours or that of one of your customers) or talk about how you can grow your business with Mailchimp. You define the agenda, we just ask you to tell us in advance, when you book the session.
  • You book the call from this link, choosing from the available options. The calls are held in the morning three days a week, and as soon as you set the day and time, you'll receive an email with an invitation and a link.
  • On the chosen day, we will meet via video conference to talk about the topic you want to address.

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Terms and Conditions

  • The 1:1 clinic is an opportunity reserved exclusively for freelancers and agencies who already use Mailchimp and are currently part of the Mailchimp & Co community. If you are not yet a member of Mailchimp & Co, by booking the 1:1 clinic you will receive instructions on how to enter.
  • You can only use the 1:1 clinic once :-) For everything else, there are the free webinars dedicated to the Mailchimp & Co Italia community and, if you're already a partner, the Slack community.
  • You can't record the call, even for internal use: if you want to get other people from your team to participate, let us know and we'll extend the invitation to them.
  • All scheduling decisions and details connected to the 1:1 clinics shall be within the sole discretion of the Italian partners, and neither Mailchimp nor the Italian partners make any guarantees of profits or other results connected to the clinics.