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Expert advice and resources from local pro partners to our Mailchimp & Co community in Italy

Networking, resources and training for Italian agencies and freelancers who want to grow and work better.

All the benefits from Mailchimp & Co, and more

A local support network led by Italian pro partners that helps you grow, earn certifications, learn from the experiences of others and get visibility, in Italy and around the world.


    Benchmark Report Mailchimp & Co 2022 on Italy, only for members: compare your results, understand trends, learn and get inspired.

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    Free webinars in Italian for freelancers and agencies to help you grow your clients' business - and your own.

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    Exclusively for the Mailchimp & Co community, live 1:1 clinic sessions with experienced mentors to help you get the most out of Mailchimp.

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    From the Mailchimp & Co community in Italy to around the world, making your voice heard across borders. Submit your case study here.

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Receive the 2022 Mailchimp & Co Benchmark Report: focus on the Italian market and updates about upcoming webinars and other initiatives designed for the community of agencies and freelancers using Mailchimp in Italy.

Meet Alessandra and Marco

The ambassadors of the Mailchimp & Co community in Italy are here to help you grow your customers' business, and in doing so, your own.

Alessandra Farabegoli

She knows Mailchimp inside out and has been helping people get the most out of it for years through consulting, classes, and books. She is a pro partner and one of the moderators of the global Slack community of Mailchimp partners.

Marco Ziero

Email marketer and automation specialist with people and data at the center, Marco was the first Italian invited to a Mailchimp Partner Lab in Atlanta. Together with Alessandra, he founded a vertical agency that focuses solely on email marketing and automation.

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