Multi‑User Accounts

Make your marketing a team effort

Whether you’re looking for feedback or just want to make sure your team’s on the same page, you can bring people together to work on campaigns by inviting them to join your account.

Assign people specific roles to get work done even faster

You can choose what level of access you want to grant each user. Our 5 levels of user permissions help you control what people can see and do in the account, so everyone knows what they’re supposed to work on without getting their wires crossed.

Get feedback as you create a campaign

Leave comments for your team while you work together to create and edit emails, automations, landing pages, and ads. We’ll let you know when anyone’s actively working in a campaign with you, and your screen will automatically refresh to show you any changes people have made as you go.

Manage your clients’ accounts all in one place

Mailchimp helps make running your marketing agency easier. Connect all your clients’ accounts with your own, so you can quickly move back and forth between them when you need to. Learn more about Mailchimp agency accounts.

Work together with your team

Mailchimp makes it easy to put your whole team to work—and keep them on the same page.

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