Work together with MailChimp

Set up a MailChimp account as an Admin and grant permission to Managers, Authors, and Viewers, based on the level of access you want them to have. With multi-user accounts, agencies can easily manage clients, and teams of any size can collaborate. MailChimp will adapt to your workflow—and maybe even improve it.

Join your account to other MailChimp accounts as an admin, manager, author, or viewer


Admins have total access to MailChimp. Only Admins can handle billing and assign user privileges.


Managers can design templates, send campaigns, manage mailing lists, and view reports.


Authors can notify managers and admins when a campaign is ready to go. They can create, design, and edit campaigns, but not send them.


Viewers can log in and see reports. They don't have access to campaign creation or list management.