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What is a Mailchimp Partner?

Our partners are certified marketing aces. Learn who they are and how they can help your business.

Whether your business is looking to retain a marketing agency or freelancer for a long or a limited time, a common worry can set in. You might ask yourself: will the help be worth the dent in my marketing budget? We know that, and the answer should always be yes. So before you sign any dotted lines or agree to any fees, you need to ensure you’ll get exactly what you want and then some. Among the benefits of using Mailchimp partners is that we can put your worries at ease. That’s because you will be hiring credentialed professionals with oodles of experience. Here are 6 Mailchimp partner qualities that prove they can be trusted to get the job done.

1. Mailchimp partners are certified

Our partners do their homework. Literally. All of our 1,000+ Mailchimp partners have gone through at least one of Mailchimp Academy’s 3 certification programs—Mailchimp Foundations, Email Automation and Email Marketing. Some of them—known as our Pro partners—have done all 3. That means that they’ve spent hours studying the ins and outs of our platform to give you the most current, top-tier advice, and performed well on a two-hour exam to prove their proficiency. To keep their certifications, they have to pass a yearly renewal test showing they are keeping up with what’s new on the platform. Anyone who does not pass the initial exam or maintain their knowledge base cannot call themselves a partner. It’s that simple.

2. Mailchimp partners have excellent track records

In addition to completing our certification process, our partners have to prove themselves with a strong, existing client base. Each of our partners has worked with at least 12 previous clients, which shows that they are not only capable of passing our exam, but using their skills to help a variety of small and medium sized businesses get the most out of the Mailchimp platform.

3. Mailchimp partners have sweet hookups

Being a Mailchimp partner comes with perks that our partners can pass on to their clients, including you. The partner designation comes with priority marketing support, expediting any trouble-shooting. They also have early access to product betas, bespoke tools and continued education opportunities so their skills are both as sharp and ahead of the curve as possible. Plus, our partners are part of a collaborative community. They routinely talk to and learn from one another as well as Mailchimp as a whole, sharing ideas that ultimately lead to more innovative marketing solutions.

4. Mailchimp partners are accountable

In the unlikely event that there's a dispute between you and your Mailchimp partner—over incomplete work, say, or issues with an invoice—Mailchimp is here to mediate. We always reach out to our partners to understand the issue. Typically, it's a mere misunderstanding that our partners can rectify, which is almost always the outcome. Either wy, we help set up a clear channel of communication to solve any problem. Repeated, ongoing and unresolved complaints could lead to a partner losing their status.

5. Mailchimp partners are good at more than Mailchimp

We are proud of our Mailchimp partners. Like the 13-million businesses that use our platform, each of our 1,000+ partners comes from a diverse background and offers a unique set of skills and services. Yes, they are email marketing experts. But they also offer more. Their talents cover just about every marketing task, including SEO optimization, graphic design, web development, and e-commerce integrations. No task is too large or small, from laying out a logo to developing detailed customer acquisition strategies, our partners can do it all. If you are looking for any kind of marketing assistance, our experts directory is an excellent place to start.

6. Mailchimp partners aren’t just students, they’re teachers

Mailchimp partners are happy to share their deep knowledge of our platform by offering coaching, tutorials and lessons. Taking lessons from a partner is an effective way to not only get to know them, which can help build trust before eventually deciding whether to commit to other projects. The lessons will also expand you or your team’s knowledge about Mailchimp, helping you to better promote your business.

Now that you know what makes Mailchimp partners awesome, it’s time to choose one!

Discover how to find the perfect partner for you, or jump right in and check out the Mailchimp experts directory.

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