AddEvent Calendar Links

Embed add-to-calendar links in your Mailchimp email campaigns.

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Drive engagement with your events and increase attendance rates by adding AddEvent add-to-calendar links to your Mailchimp email campaigns. These links make it easy for your customers to save your events to their calendars with just a few clicks.

You can also use AddEvent add-to-calendar links to collect RSVPs for your events and to share calendars your customers can subscribe to that contain multiple events.

Simply create a free AddEvent account if you don’t already have one, then create your event or calendar using the AddEvent dashboard. When you connect your AddEvent and Mailchimp accounts, you’ll be able to easily add add-to-calendar links for those events and calendars to your email campaigns.

Once connected, add the AddEvent Calendar Links block and configure the display options in the sidebar within the builder. (Note: You can add app blocks only if you’re using the new builder.)