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Adverity Datatap

Make data-driven decisions, fast. Maximize your analytics, combine and harmonize your e-mail-marketing data, and add it to your dashboards or databases.


Use Adverity Datatap as your Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool to manage the data integration process from all data sources, including Mailchimp. Automated, flexible, reliable and secure.


  • Pre-built Mailchimp connector among several other marketing platforms Standardized database and spreadsheet integration
  • Powerful transformation and calculation engine Data quality monitoring system Data provisioning to any destination .


  • Clean integrated data stack Increased data quality and granularity
  • Full control over your data Fast integration of any data from any source
  • Scalable and flexible

No matter how it looks Adverity Datatap can process any type of data or format. That’s our guarantee. No matter whether data is provided in structured spreadsheets, unstructured and complex Excel files, .json or .xml or any other file type. No matter where it lives Datatap can collect data via email or directly from databases, FTP, REST, feeds, web services or internal applications. Wherever there is a possibility to extract data, Datatap can manage the process from start to finish. No matter how it changes Given that APIs change so often, datasets generated from marketing data are often highly dynamic and volatile. Datatap easily adapts to changing data by automatically adapting the data model. This makes leveraging marketing data a more harmonious process. Schedule and automate your data acquisition to whenever suits you best and how often you wish to use it. Use predefined templates or configure your own to collect the exact data you need. The flexibility is limitless.



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Marketing data can be overwhelming; from vendors to agencies, cloud platforms to internal marketing systems. Use Datatap as your ETL tool (Extract, Transform, Load) to harmonize data integration from all these sources. Automated, flexible, secure.

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Insights was custom built for marketers and agencies to stay ahead of the game. Customized dashboards provide a real-time overview of marketing performance, allowing you to connect the right data, in the right dashboards, for the right people.

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Boost productivity and decision making by connecting and visualizing all your data.