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Chimpegration enables you to seamlessly integrate Mailchimp with Raiser’s Edge
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We have three different levels of Chimpegration.

Chimpegration Basic allows you to: Export contacts directly into a Mailchimp list from a Raiser’s Edge query or export, Manage unsubscribes, bounces and add actions to all constituents emailed in each campaign, Import new subscribers from Mailchimp into Raiser’s Edge.

With Chimpegration Professional you can do all of the above, plus: Fully synchronise Raiser’s Edge and Mailchimp, Store campaign open and click data, bounces and unsubscribes in Raiser’s Edge, Remove subscribers from a Mailchimp list who no longer appear in a query, Export a query of constituents directly onto a Mailchimp automation workflow …. and much more!

Chimpegration Cloud, a smarter, faster, web-based solution, seamlessly integrating with Raiser’s Edge NXT: Manage your campaign results effortlessly, Process your actions instantaneously, Scheduler option will be available to all Chimpegration Cloud users.

We offer all users a two week free trial of Chimpegration. We are also happy to schedule a live demo.

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Blackbaud, The Raiser's Edge

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