Send personal videos to your leads and customers based on when a Subscriber is added to a list inside your Mailchimp account.


Connect Bonjoro with Mailchimp and easily generate tasks to record personal videos at just the right time.

Imagine receiving a personal video after subscribing to a newsletter or buying from your favorite brand. With the power of Bonjoro and Mailchimp, you can have a trigger in Mailchimp create a Bonjoro task for you to record them a welcome or thank you video in real-time!

When you connect Bonjoro to your Mailchimp account, you can elevate your engagement and click-through rates and build relationships. With so much business now being conducted online, it's much harder to develop and maintain real relationships with our customers. However, it is these genuine relationships that keep customers coming back, telling their friends about you, and raving about your brand. With Bonjoro, you now have the power to show your prospects and customers that they are more than just dollar signs.

Benefits of connecting Bonjoro to your Mailchimp account

  • stand out in your subscribers' inbox with truly personalized videos
  • add call-to-actions to your videos to drive subscribers to take action
  • get more replies and build deeper relationship with your customers
  • pass custom attributes from your Mailchimp account into Bonjoro so they are visible at the time of recording your message on Bonjoro's web or mobile apps
  • customize your videos with your own branding and call to actions


Delight prospects or customers with personal videos at key milestones. Add custom branding, create video templates, add clickable call-to-actions, get more replies and engagement!

Track results including opens, watched, liked, clicked, and replied - much better engagement metrics than just open rates.

View your own CRM data right inside Bonjoro. This allows you to have context on who you're recording for and what actions they have taken on your site. With this information, you can tailor your video to each person.

Bonjoro wants to help YOU convert and delight your customers with perfectly timed personalized videos! From welcoming new signups, to thanking buyers, Bonjoro brings a new level of engagement to your customers' journey.
See how to connect Bonjoro with your Mailchimp account, allowing you to get your videos out at the perfect points in the customer journey and with greater personalization.